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Core Selective Evaluation Process

About C-SEP

C-SEP (Core-Selective Evaluation Process) is an efficient and comprehensive approach to identify students with Specific Learning Disability (SLD) by determining a pattern of strengths and weaknesses using the core tests of the Woodcock-Johnson (WJ) IV, Wechsler or Kaufman Batteries with additional "selective" testing conducted as needed. Each assessment contains a "core" set of tests that provides a representative survey of abilities measured by the battery. Examiners can selectively administer additional tests to provide greater breadth of measurement in an area of cognition or linguistic competency or in a domain of achievement.

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The History of C-SEP

C-SEP was conceptualized following the release of major revisions and improvements of individualized norm-referenced cognitive, language, and achievement tests. With the release of the new versions of test batteries, a decade of change of SLD identification, and feedback from the field, using C-SEP to identify SLD represents an approach that is efficient, precise, and comprehensive. This process was developed after a critical analysis of all published “third method” PSW approaches and incorporated the strengths of all SLD identification models and addressed the limitations of current approaches.

The Core-Selective Evaluation Approach (C-SEP) was first introduced in the DiaLog, Vol.44, No.2 Fall 2015. The approach integrates multiple forms of data with individualized norm referenced test instruments by using cognitive, achievement, and oral language measures. Sound data analysis techniques are utilized within C-SEP to identify a pattern of strengths and weaknesses (PSW) in order to determine if a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) exists.

Who we are


Dr. Tammy L. Stephens

is a founder and architect of C-SEP. She is an Account Executive at Riverside/HMH. She has a doctorate in Special Education. She is an educational diagnostician, assistant professor, and a former special education teacher. She has written multiple peer-reviewed journal articles, provides trainings, in addition to presenting at the national and international conferences.


Dr. Edward K. Schultz

is founder and architect of C-SEP. He is currently a Professor of Special Education at Midwestern State University (MSU). In addition to preparing educational diagnosticians at MSU, he has written numerous peer reviewed articles concerning SLD identification, conduct training across the country, and has worked with state departments of education.